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Whats our current network layout?

High Desert: Individual(s) and High Desert Ecomm Group:

Note: All systems are supported technically and in some
cases sponsored with hardware by the High Desert Ecomm Group

KE6RHV-10 Fully Operational (RMS GW / FPAC / FBB) 24/7 Solar powered (VHF Only) (Marcus)

WA6PZK-10 Fully Operational (RMS GW / FPAC / FBB) (VHF / HF) (owner brings
it down from time to time because of weather) (Dan)

KJ6QIN-10 Partially Operational (RMS GW / FPAC / FBB) Working on TNC issues
and FBB forwarding issues World via KE6RHV-10 (will be putting redundant
pair in place) (Pat)

KJ6QIN-11 Deployment and final configuration with TNC and radio pending (RMS
GW / FPAC / FBB) also forwarding to World via KE6RHV-10 (will be putting
redundant pair in place) (Lou)

KJ6QIN-12 TBD - gathering hardware (Jon)

KN6CW-10 - Working on build and some technical issues do to TNC requirements
by end user may have to fall back to Windows based installation with less
functionality. (Karl)




So currently we only have three operational RMSGW that are maintained by the High Desert Ecomm Groupand one maintained by the owner affilate WA6DAS-10

KE6RHV-10, KJ6QIN-10, KJ6QIN-11 (being upgraded) and W6DAS-10

All stations will be converted over to Raspberry PI Systems and laptops removed. KJ6QIN-11 is already converted.

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