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What hardware do I use for the RMS Gateway and how does it all work?

We for the RMS Gateway and other applications I have a fan less PC running Unbuntu Server 10.04 LTS, 2 GB RAM, Celeron 1.6 GHz Proc, 250 GB SATA Drive (way over kill – 20 -40 GB would work).

I like this PC because it runs on 12 volts and can be powered by my batteries and solar array.  This is the plan but I need to move something’s around.

Currently the TNC and Radio are powered by the Solar array and batteries. The TNC in use is a KPC-3 that I had left over from the 1990’s, the current radio Is an Alinco 2 meter rig @ 50 watts I purchased on Ebay for $50.00  

 So here is one scenario where this may come it to use:

An earthquake has hit and takes out some local Internet access to the hospitals and other served agencies (serviced by ARES).

 Side note some traffic that would be passed by ARES to the EOC / MAC could be quite complex

required medications and or materials. In voice mode it may be painful and there could be errors that may cause the wrong drugs to be delivered. Or the traffic could be routine generic and non urgent lists of data too lengthy for voice.  

 So this setup allows us to transmit this data using normal outlook express configured on a PC running Paclink, TNC and radio.

Ok back to the example internet is down but we have this mobile or fixed PC, Outlook, TNC, radio configuration at the hospital, we could then send traffic (in the form of an attachment) to the RMS Gateway (Radio Mail Server Gateway), when the gate receives   the email traffic

It uses it connected Internet to deliver the message, if it doesn’t have Internet then FPAC takes over and would forward that message via VHF/HF to the next station in a pre defined list.

Ultimately to get traffic to the EOC / MAC or any intended recipient  in or out of City, State or Country.

When everything is working it seems trivial to set up this type of environment, but in the event of an emergency this would be key and effectively save lives and – GET THE MESSAGE OUT.

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