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How to add FPAC forward link?

Once we get FPAC linked we can set up the BBS fwding. The BBS will get it's link thru FPAC.

To link FPAC.

1. Create a AxUDP port or RF port.
   This necessitates configuring a linking port. It is easier for me to do that  for you and explain  later.

  Creating a AxUDP port requires an open port on your router to your UDP port (10093).
      That port is defined in ../fpac.conf.
   Configuring ax25ipd.conf so that your server knows the UDP address of your adj node(s).
            # Route to Cedar Cove, Fla
          route k4gbb-12 udp 10094
          route k4gbb-4 udp 10093

2. Add a Adjacent Node Block to .../fpac.nodes file

Node = GBB
    Path = K4GBB-12
    DNIC = 3100
    Address = 352727
    Port = 9
    NoWp = 0

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