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How do I set up Ax25 on Linux?

Info on AF_AX25, AF_NETROM ans AF_ROSE.

Standard kernel AF_AX25, AF_NETROM and AF_ROSE sockets
AX.25, NET/ROM and ROSE protocol are built into the Linux kernel.

I recommend to use these interfaces, because it will give you
more flexibility to build a system with many futures.. (by: F6FBB)

This choice may be little difficult to set up,
because the functions is depended of lots of things.. eg:
- Linux kernel version
- ax25-utils version
- z8530drv version
- net-tools version
... and more

If you desire to use this/these interfaces,
i strongly recommend to read at least AX25-HOWTO!

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Last update: 2011-04-19 18:46
Author: Marcus
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